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My name is António Garcias, Im the São Nicolau Diving owner and Baseleader and I love the sea and their creatures, and exploring new unexplored underwater sites.

 I fight every single day for the conservation and preservation of marine environments, and with more than 35 years of diving , 20 in Cabo Verde Im able to provide you the best diving experiences in this amazing archipelago.

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My Story and why here?

 I start free diving at age of 12 and since I know me I love the sea and diving, with more than 35 years of diving around the world and teach diving, recreational, tech and CCR, from the major diving agencies.

  I open my first dive shop and school in 1989 in Portugal, and the first Divecenter in Cabo Verde in 2009, and since than, have more than 4000 thousand dives made in the archipelago ( and 9000 in total ).

 Love exploring new areas, and always looking from the best of best places for diving, and on that way when I arrive in Cabo Verde I start diving in Sal and Boavista, then decided to open a Divecenter in São Vicente, than in Santo Antão, but I wanted more, more biodiversity, more marine life, more untouched places, so decided to look for one of the last pristine places in Cabo Verde archipelago, São Nicolau Island, and decided to open my actual Divecenter: SaoNicolauDiving.

São Nicolau Island is an unique Island, far from Tourism, , its one of the worlds best kept secret, there's beautiful untouched landscapes, desert chocolate and white sandy beaches with cristal clear waters, green mountains and a beautiful natural park, that's why I choose to live here.

One love...the Ocean.

Contact or follow me:

Facebook: Antonio Garcias

Instagram: TzGarcias

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