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  • What's the water temperature ?
    During our first period ( 30 March to 10th June ) you can find water temperatures from 22 to 25 degrees celsius, so a 5 to 7mm suit recommended. During our second period ( 30 September till 10th December ) you probably can find water temperatures from 25 to 28 degrees celsius so you can use from 3mm to 5mm, depending of your feeling. Any additional questions about water temperature feel free to ask us.
  • What's about water visibillity?
    Regular visibility in our dive spots can change a bit during the year period, but normally we can have from 20 to 50 meters water visibilty. This can change due to weather conditions of course.
  • Can I book with you a package Diving + Accommodation ?
    Yes of course !!! You can find on our price lists, complete packages for accommodation and diving. Accommodation on a complete new lodge in Tarrafal called Cacimba Sunset Guest House, we can book for you at the best rate, and we can take care of all your needs for a complete relaxed vacation in Sao Nicolau Island. We can even also take care of all your flights and transfers from your country in Europe till arriving in Sao Nicolau Island with our local Partner Travel Operator. Just let us know what's your needs, and we send you a detailed proposition, then we can book your flights, transfers, accommodation and diving, and you can securetely pay with with credit card and receive all your tickets by email. =)
  • Why diving in Sao Nicolau ?
    There are many good reasons why you should come diving in Sao Nicolau Island with us. First of all because we have 20 years of experience diving and underwater exploring all northen islands of Cabo Verde, and the double around the world. We already have been operating in other Islands and choose this one for being one of the best Islands for diving in Cabo Verde, also recognized by all Cabo Verdean professional Divers. We have excellent conditions for diving, huge wind protected areas with calm seas, standard visibility much above other Islands, with regular cristal clear waters. Almost one of the unique Cabo Verdean Island with world class shore diving, easy access, beautiful dives. Dive spots for all levels, from beginers to super experienced Divers ! We have shallow and deep dive spots, huge walls, canyons, caves, amazing underwater formations, and because there are a lot of big drop offs we have all the time visits from the big ones, like big Tunas, Amberjacks, Sharks, Manta Rays and big Schools of Fish. Stuning biodiversity and of course the usual presence from the several endemic species from Cabo Verde.
  • Are there other activities on the Island for non-Divers ?
    Sao Nicolau also knowed by the adventure island and have so many activities you can do, from climbing the amazing natural park of Monte Gordo and follow the numerous trails spread through the mountains, enjoying the beautiful landscapes and enviromental richness, streching from the top to the sea, is enhanced by the historical-cultural that also surrounds the whole Island. Renting a car or a quad is easy on the island with several operators, and you are free to explore the most remote corners of the island. Mandatory visit, one of the seven wonders of Cabo Verde : Carbeirinho ! For us the best of Sao Nicolau is the authenticity, and intact memories from last decades, really well preserved due to a very low touristic presence, so you will feel not like one more tourist, but another happy Cabo Verdean among Family !!
  • Good to know
    Here is a list of practicalities to help you best prepare for your trip. -Time zone UTC/GMT -1 -Electricity and sockets European type C/F sockets ( two prongs) at 220 V. -WI-FI Available for free at Cacimba Sunset Guest House -Currency, the Cabo Verdean Escudo is linked to the Euro and is € 1 = 110 CVE (Cabo Verdean Escudo) -ATM Your best source of cash is ATM. You will find two ATM´s in Tarrafal downtown. -Languages spoken at Sao Nicolau Diving English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Cabo Verdean Crioule.
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