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2 Periods of operation:

 1- From 30 March to 10th June

Every day 7am - 5pm (except for night diving)

2- From 30 September to 10th December

Everyday 7am - 5pm ( except for night diving )

Cacimba Sunset Guest House Tarrafal de São Nicolau

Sao Nicolau Island

Cabo Verde



Map copyrights: Fortes / Reitmaier.

Help us take care of the ocean and the environment


As divers, we are well aware of the negative impacts that plastics are having on the ocean, but its not only about the ocean, also in land we can't recycle plastics in Cabo Verde, so please try to not use them in Island, including bottles, bags and straws.


Please bring your reusable water bottle. 


We strongly recommend the use of a reef-safe sunscreen.

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